Fund-raising page for Red Hot Chilli Steppers

$155.00 raised of $100.00 goal

Red Hot Chilli Steppers
We are participating in the AXA End-to-End to raise money for Bermuda charities that help support and strengthen local families.

In 2021, the End-to-End will support the work of the Age Concern Bermuda and funding Chromebooks for Public School Students

We hope you will support the End-to-End charities by pledging or joining us on October 23rd!

Team members

Name Donations Amount
Georgina Polkinghorne 3 $115.00
Daniel Mutua 1 $10.00
Jacob James 1 $10.00
Kenneth Wangaruro 1 $10.00
Reenu Elsa Reji 1 $10.00
Nekha Sabu 0 $0.00
Paula Barrow 0 $0.00


Name Amount Message
The Polks $75.00 Well done.
Teffie Polkinghorne $20.00 Ya go guuurrrllll
Daniel Mutua $10.00  
Jacob James $10.00  
Kenneth Wangaruro $10.00  
Reenu Elsa Reji $10.00  
Nikhil $20.00 Walk it baby - walk it

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