Fund-raising page for Joan Dismont

$1,200.00 raised of $1,000.00 goal

Joan Dismont
I am participating in the AXA End-to-End to raise money for Bermuda charities that help support and strengthen local families.

In 2020, the End-to-End will support the work of the Bermuda Garden Club, Bermuda Zoological Society, Vision Bermuda and The Family Centre.

I hope you will support the End-to-End charities by pledging or joining in on October 24!


Name Amount Message
Rhonda Dismont $50.00 You go girl! ??
Rocky and Martha $100.00 To a very special participant who we love to support! Go Joan! We love you!
Sonia $35.00 Mommy, you are the epitome of endurance, perseverance and tenacity...amazing!!!
Kari White $100.00  
Anonymous donation $200.00 I love your Fun-raising spirit, Joan!.......JS
Gill and Laura $100.00 Joan, you are an inspiration to us all and Sonia is just like you!
Dorea Grant $20.00  
Eunice Hart $25.00  
Janet White $25.00  
Beverley Warner $25.00 To Mrs Joan Dismont- you're amazing, inspiring and beautiful!
Alisa Bernardo $50.00  
Khaliah Nisbett $20.00  
Albertina DeSilva $50.00  
Albertina DeSilva $50.00  
Albertina DeSilva $50.00  
Albey Furtado $50.00 As always thank you for being so inspiring!
Anonymous donation $50.00 So proud of you
Joan Dismont $50.00 You’re inspiration to all!
Matteo $100.00 Born walking, forever walking...LOVE YOU, Grandma
Michelle $50.00 Mommy, your innate energy is UNREAL! But then the End to End has always been your passion, so I'm not surprised! Love you! xxx

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