Fund-raising page for First Atlantic Commerce and Friends

$2,302.00 raised of $1,000.00 goal

First Atlantic Commerce and Friends
We are participating in the AXA End-to-End to raise money for Bermuda charities that help support and strengthen local families.

In 2020, the End-to-End will support the work of the Bermuda Garden Club, Bermuda Zoological Society, Vision Bermuda and The Family Centre.

We hope you will support the End-to-End charities by pledging or joining us on October 24!

Team members

Name Donations Amount
Ronald Viera 6 $445.00
Belle Burns 5 $201.00
Chloe Burns 4 $201.00
Dawn Dej 4 $115.00
Chris Burns 1 $50.00
Craig Smith 0 $0.00
Katya Gorbunova 0 $0.00
Peter Kyle 0 $0.00


Name Amount Message
Mitchell Klink $50.00 Looking good! Nice work keeping it going!
Chris, Tracy, Theo and Isaac $50.00 Sorry this is late but hope it went well!
Richard Burns $100.00 Well Done -Very proud
Richard Burns $100.00 Well Done -Very proud
Pat, Calais & Pixie $125.00 Good job, 40 miles!
Cheryl Hayward-Chew $100.00  
Ronnie June Viera $100.00 Good work
Ronnie Viera $20.00 Well done!
Mel & Simon $50.00 Well done ???? on the ride. How’s your arse feeling ??
Danielle Williams $30.00 Well done guys!
Cara and Mick $100.00 Well done team, look forward to participating again next time
Bruce hiker $20.00 Way to go!
Mummy $21.00 Have a great time babe!!
Mummy $31.00 Have fun babe!!
Lynne Burns $50.00  
Nana and Roo Roo $50.00 Good luck to you all today - well done !
Charlie Hopkin $10.00 Good luck!
Belle, Chloe & Chris Burns $60.00 Good luck
Mike Somorjay $100.00 Don't let The Girls beat you to the tape!
Ronald Viera $50.00  
James Gibbons $100.00  
Gisela Ruehe $20.00  
Dini and Dad $50.00 Sorry - missed you first time around
Dawn Dej $25.00 Have fun! Don’t get blown away!
Tom $50.00 Good luck!
Kerr $50.00 Good luck Team FAC - sorry I can't be there this year!!
Penelope Warne $20.00 Good luck
Penelope Warne $20.00 Good luck
Reid and Jen $150.00 We're hoping the costumes come back next year ;-) Have fun for a great cause.
The Martins $50.00 Glad to see you have the girls involved this buddy. Have fun!
Craig $50.00 Sorry i can't make it, wishing good weather for you.
Griff $100.00 Best of luck to the Burn's Bicyclists!
Granny & PopPop $50.00 Have a great ride! You can do it....
Peters $200.00 Hope it's a good day!
Megan, Somers, and Sebastian $50.00 Have fun! We wish we were there :)
Megan, Somers, and Sebastian $50.00 Have fun! We wish we were there :)
Megan, Somers, and Sebastian $50.00 Have fun! We wish we were there :)

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