Fund-raising page for Dawn Dej

$115.00 raised of $100.00 goal

Dawn Dej
I am participating in the AXA End-to-End to raise money for Bermuda charities that help support and strengthen local families.

In 2020, the End-to-End will support the work of the Bermuda Garden Club, Bermuda Zoological Society, Vision Bermuda and The Family Centre.

I hope you will support the End-to-End charities by pledging or joining in on October 24!
Dawn Dej is participating with First Atlantic Commerce and Friends


Name Amount Message
Bruce hiker $20.00 Way to go!
Gisela Ruehe $20.00  
Dini and Dad $50.00 Sorry - missed you first time around
Dawn Dej $25.00 Have fun! Don’t get blown away!

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