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$2,475.00 raised of $1,000.00 goal

Tom McMahon
Delighted to be doing the walk this year - 4 great charities are recipients - especially Vision Bermuda. My late granddad In Ireland was blind for over 50 years but still managed to grow a garden, make hay and cut timber. God only knows what he could have achieved if there was support such as Vision Bermuda.


Name Amount Message
Georgi Drover $25.00  
Cara and Mick $100.00 Well done Tom.
Butler and Sweenie $150.00  
Hugh Barit $200.00 Good luck, Tom!
Nick Frost $100.00  
Terry P $500.00 Tom, admiration for your stamina and dedication.
Peter Sheldon $100.00 Good luck!
Alan Mooney $100.00 Great cause Tom...Good luck!
Pam Barit Nolan $100.00 A great person for a great cause - enjoy the walk!
Steven Crabb $100.00 Good Luck Tom!
Peter Mullen $200.00 Good luck Tom.
Tom McMahon $100.00 A great cause - happy to support!
Tony Weller $100.00 Good luck with the walk. Stuff the hurricane!
Oceana Yates $50.00 Good Luck!
Navin Dadlani $100.00 Amazing!
Dumbledore $100.00 Look out for the Bluebirds on the walk!!!
Adam Rekerdres $100.00 Go Tom Go!
Kathleen Bibbings $100.00 Good luck Tom. Your grandfather sounds amazing.
Tom McMahon $100.00  
Pat $50.00 Bonne chance Tom

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